Feel Good Brands to Shop From

There is a sense of satisfaction knowing that a brand you love and shop at makes a point to give back in one way or another. Rather than simply selling their products, they are going the extra step to help those in need. As a consumer, it is nice to know that you are contributing to a specific brand’s philanthropic efforts whenever you purchase one of their products. Below are some of our favorite brands that are making a difference in the world:

SemSem is a luxury fashion brand created by Abeer Al Otaiba, who you may recognize as the wife of United Arab Emirates Ambassador, Yousef Al Otaiba. SemSem is a “collection with a conscience” and supports charitable organizations dedicated to female empowerment and educating women and their daughters about philanthropy. Every woman and girl around the world deserves to have an advocate, and SemSem is making a significant contribution to help in doing so.

Warby Parker
Warby Parker offers both eye and sunglasses with prescription lenses included at very reasonable prices. In addition to providing customers with the newest and trendiest frames, they make it easy and fast with convenient store fronts and online ordering. Warby Parker’s low prices aren’t the only aspect that has brought the brand serious attention over the last few years; they partner with non-profits to get a pair of glasses to someone in need whenever a pair of Warby Parker glasses is sold.

Satya Jewelry
Satya Jewelry’s founder, Satya Scainetti developed the brand with a focus around giving back to the communities across the world. Through its own foundation, the Satya Foundation, Satya Jewelry donates to children charities around the globe. Some of the organizations that the Satya Foundation partners with include Ramana’s Garden, the Manjushree Orphanage and Bent on Learning.


Drug Importation Gets Opposition As Former FDA Commissioners Warns The Dangers To Consumers

In a recent development, the idea of drug importation has got an opposition as four US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) former commissioners warned Congress in proceeding with the legalization. The commissioners feel that it is a risky process as there are chances the consumers may expose to fake, contaminated, and substandard drugs.

In an open letter, the commissioners requested the members of Congress to be aware of the threats of drug importation. It was signed by two FDA heads during Obama administration – Margaret Hamburg and Robert Califf – and two from George W. Bush administration – Mark McClellan and Andrew Von Eschenbach. The letter points out that the legislation can harm the carefully constructed system which protects the medical products of the country, would be compromised.

It was last month, Bernie Sanders and many other Democrats presented the bill for legislation that allows import of drugs from licensed sellers in Canada, and later from Europe, noting it can bring down the price of drugs in the country. “The global experience shows that adulterated, ineffective and illicit medicines are available in the open market, and it can become the focal point of organized crime,” the letter stated. Califf in an interview on Friday further warned that most of the Canadian claiming drugs are actually made in South America, Russia or Eastern Europe. It creates a situation that consumers are not sure whether they are getting the right product nor the country of origin.

Interestingly, the supporters of importation of drugs say that many of the concerns are exaggerated by the drugs industry. They say that the import is only granted for the FDA-certified sellers and the agency would have the option to check the manufacturing facilities of those sellers. Gabriel Levitt, the president of PharmacyChecker.com, confirms that already imported internet medicine for personal use is in place, and it can only be availed by valid prescriptions. He also noted a recent study which found almost 19 million U.S. citizens purchase imported drugs through the internet.

Even Sanders justified his move by stating when the government ensures the safety of the food imported, it can also do the same in the case of drugs. “There is no argument on the quality of drugs, any medicine that crosses the border should be 100 percent safe, and we can do that. We won’t tolerate any rogue outfits,” Sanders said in a recent statement. Though President Trump was endorsing the import during his campaign, he did not pursue it after taking the oath.


SemSem: Answering a Higher Calling Through Fashion

There is a lot more to fashion than just creating good looking outfits. Anyone who takes the time to explore the world of fashion will find that the outfits could serve even deeper purposes. For example, there’s SemSem, an online fashion retailer founded by Abeer Al Otaiba, who is married to Yousef Al Otaiba, the United Arab Emirates Ambassador to the United States. Abeer is a fashionista as well as a mother. Before getting into fashion, she has earned a degree in civil engineering. While some may find this to be an odd switch, Abeer proves that engineering and fashion can work well together. For one thing, Abeer’s attention to detail, quality and functionality goes a long way towards making high quality clothing.

Abeer has named her company, SemSem, after her daughter, Samia. Given the amount of love that goes into running the company, Abeer is inspired to come with some very elegant designs. This results in clothing that are not only beautiful, but also comfortable. Compared to other fashion companies that are too focused on trends, SemSem’s clothes are designed with a purpose. A lot of thought is put into the clothes that are made and sold to the public.

The main reason for starting her company is her love for her daughter. She loves being able to coordinate with her daughter without being too matched. This has inspired her to go into fashion herself and build SemSem as a symbol of the higher calling of love she has taken on in her transition to motherhood. Abeer wants to teach her daughters the value of living as kind, beautiful and graceful people. She has also established SemSem for other mothers and daughters.

As part of teaching kindness and grace, Abeer involves herself on a mission of giving to women and children all throughout the world. She has a passion for contributing to the well-being of women and children throughout the world. She gives to charities that promote women empowerment, and encourage giving as well.

Abeer’s belief is that true beauty is on the inside, and is brought out through the actions of the individual. If the actions are uplifting, then true beauty is realized. One of the best ways to realize beauty is through giving. Purchase of clothing from SemSem enables Abeer to give to women and children throughout the world.


R/GA Connected Commerce Wraps Up 12-Week Retail-Tech Accelerator

On Wednesday, October 26, 2016, Westfield Labs and R/GA Ventures concluded a 12-week accelerator demo at Bespoke in San Francisco. The event involved a series of pilots, mentorship, and other technological work with consultants from the R/GA Services team, Westfield Labs and other business partners.

Ten program participants were on hand to represent the best of innovation in retail and commerce. Several companies represented innovation in fulfillment, delivery and returns as well as training and optimization in the retail workforce. Other companies were on hand to present their unique takes on ways to use artificial intelligence for areas such as customer service, image recognition and bot management.

“Consumer behavior habits have changed dramatically and permanently” stated Peter Lowy – co-CEO of Westfield Corp – at a real estate summit held at UCLA in September.  “Technology is an opportunity for traditional retail to build stronger connections with its customers.” And that’s just what R/GA Connected Commerce is seeking out to do.

Here’s the companies and platforms made up the graduating class of the R/GA Connected Commerce Accelerator with Westfield Labs. They are as follows:

• Agent Q: A customer service chat service that is powered by artificial intelligence. The platform has teamed up with R/GA Services to improve its machine learning algorithms, making customer service chat agents more effective and efficient.

• AxleHire: A company that offers same day delivery services for e-commerce and physical retail stores that is reliable and effective. The company has nearly doubled in size since the program and has increased its revenue to nearly $200,000 per month and fulfilled as many as 40,000 deliveries in the month of September.

• Clarifai: An artificial intelligence company that exists to assist developers and businesses with solving real-world issues with visual recognition. During the program, the company developed Custom Training, a service that enables customers to train models for AI, and Visual Search for enabling AI to help businesses to browse, recommend and locate photos via keyword and visual similarities. The company recently revealed it received $30 million in funding that was led by Menlo Ventures.

• Cordial: A messaging platform that assists publishers and retailers to combine machine learning and analytics for messaging services that reveal what consumers need. Thanks to its partnership with R/GA, the company is expanding its machine learning abilities as well as its customer base.

• Darkstore: An on-demand delivery program that allows e-commerce companies to keep inventory in city warehouses, making it easier for them to fulfill same day delivery. Darkstore already services San Francisco company Tuft and Needle and recently announced the launch of additional locations in New York and Phoenix.

• Happy Returns: A service, technology and logistics company that allows online shoppers to make returns.

• Myagi: A service that helps sales associates to excel in customer service by providing lessons to them.

• Oak: A company that has launched a product called Oak StockRoom, which uses AI to predict and request stock for stores.

• Percolata: A service that relies on sales data and sensors in physical stores to improve sales teams and revenue.

• Reply.ai: A service that vastly improves customer service with its chatbox platform.




How The FDA Promotes Health in America

The Food and Drug Administration is the federal agency responsible for protecting public health through ensuring the nation’s food, cosmetics, drugs, medical devices and biological products are safe and effaceable. The FDA was formed as a result of the Food and Drug Act of 1906. That act prohibited interstate transportation of adulterated food and drugs which didn’t meet the appropriate standard for strength, purity and quality. The FDA itself was founded in 1927 because the USDA Bureau of Chemistry lacked the proper jurisdiction to do the job.

The FDA is funded through the federal government. It has a staff of about 15,000 and a budget in excess of $4 billion. In addition to regulating the food and drugs supply, the FDA also regulates how tobacco products are manufactured, marketed and distributed. The agency also advances public health by making sure medical products are effective, safe, and affordable and educating the public on the medical products and foods they need to attain and maintain good health. The FDA also plays a role in counterterrorism by protecting the food supply from deliberate public health threats.

The regulatory authority of the FDA is very broad. It regulates foods, food additives, dietary supplements, infant formula and bottled water. It also regulates prescription and non-prescription drugs, vaccines, blood products, blood, products related to gene and cellular therapy, tissue and tissue products, allergenic and other biologics. Medical devices ranging from tongue depressors to heart pacemakers, prosthetics, dental devices and surgical implants are also under the prevue of the FDA. Electronic products like microwave ovens, laser products, x-ray equipment and even sunlamps are under FDA jurisdiction. So are color additives, nail polish, perfume, skin cleansers, moisturizers and veterinary products, drugs and devices.

The FDA is part of the Department of Health and Human Services. In order to do its job effectively, the FDA works in conjunction with several other federal agencies. These agencies include: Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, National Center for Toxicological Research, Center for Veterinary Medicine, Center for Tobacco Products, Office of Regulatory Affairs, Center for Devices and Radiological Health and the Office of Criminal Investigations. Robert Califf is the current Commissioner, and was preceded in his role by Steven Osttroff and Margaret Hamburg.

The headquarters of the FDA is in White Oak, Maryland. However, the agency has 223 field offices as well as 13 laboratories spread throughout the United States and began posting employees in foreign countries in 2008.


Care Package Gifts Any College Girl Would Love

Going off to college can be an exciting time for children. They separate from home and learn independence, confidence, and how to care for themselves without the leash of living with their parents. This is a time for creating their own identity and making new friends while studying and working hard to position themselves for the future. This doesn’t mean there won’t be tearful calls home and statements that these young adults are missing everything they love and hold dear. This is the perfect time to send that care package to their dorm room so they can be reminded that those in their hometown still love and care for them. What kinds of things belong in a care package for your college daughter? Read below and find out!

Definitely include some pictures of home. These can be of parents, siblings, pets, friends, or all of the above. This will help to remind those college students of the faces they can look forward to seeing back at home while also triggering some of the best memories from their childhood. This is always a solid idea to include in a care package because these are permanent items that will end up on the dorm room wall.

Makeup products are a must. Being a girl is very expensive. Go raid your child’s bathroom and see what the most common bottles are. Go to the store, buy these, and include them in the package. Your daughter will be very grateful to save not only their wallet but also their appearance. Looks matter even more in college than they did in high school.

While packing cosmetics, consider products like Undercover Colors nail polish stickers that can detect major date rape drugs when submerged in a drink. Parties and bars play a major role in the college scene. Unfortunately, date rape is still prevalent in college communities. When used correctly, products like Undercover Colors will help protect your daughter from falling victim.

Always include some spending money as well. This is what’s going to trigger that thank you note or phone call home that you hope you’ve trained your little one to remember. Furthermore, college students are stereotyped as being strapped for cash. This is because studying full time and working to make money are basically mutually exclusive. If you want to bring a smile and sigh of relief to that daughter’s face, make sure you include this!

Finally, always add some food to your care package. If you can wrap that dessert in some foil so they arrive at the dorm room still fresh is even better. This will also instantly make your daughter the most popular person in the hall, provided she shares them with her roommates! Don’t be afraid to help your daughter make friends!


Helpful Tips for Working with Executive Recruiters

Any person searching for a new job understands well that it is never an easy task. The moment you decide to search for a new position, whether you are still in your current duty or jobless, there are many steps you need to undertake before starting the job hunt. From updating your CV to sprucing up your proficient online profile to putting feelers out to your network, all these consume a lot of time and effort.

A professional like Nels Olson can help reduce the level of stress associated with job hunting. Executive recruiters are specialized headhunters working for search and staffing businesses and are professionals in the job search process. An executive recruiter can assist you to get your next job while providing you valuable career advice in the course of your journey. For you to get best results, here are the guidelines for working with executive recruiters.

Interview the recruiter

The same way the recruiter will interview you, and then afterward by a prospective employer, you must interview the executive recruiter who will be representing you in the job search. You are supposed to consider your relationship with the recruiter as more of a representative working for you. Get to know the individual that you will give the responsibilities to bat for you in your job hunting process. Inquire about his background. Find out the duration in which he or she has been working with the firm and request them to explain to you the procedure in identifying opportunities for their applicants. Request for reference and then search the company’s site and ask friends and relatives if they have any news concerning this particular company to get further details on the reputation of the firm.

Be selective

As with any business, not all search and staffing companies are trustworthy. Make sure you do a thorough research before anything so that you can have an idea what kind of service provider you will be dealing with. It is important to make sure that you get a company that specializes in your profession. It is also good to work with a service provider that is ready to meet you in person to go through your goals and ideas.

Be honest and direct

The information you give concerning your compensation history, experience, and job history should be upfront. It will not be of any benefit is you exaggerate your qualifications. Also get ready to give your professional recruiter the required references such as former managers and ensure that you are aware of the information they will provide on your behalf. On top of that, if you fail to be transparent and direct with what you are anticipating in your forthcoming call, it will hurt you badly. Give the recruiter all the information needed so that they can get you an interview with a position that perfectly suits your requirements.

Here are some of best executive recruiters in Washington DC:
• Korn Ferry
• Heidrick & Struggles
• Spencer Stuart
McCormick Group
• Russell Reynolds


The Westfield World Trade Center – A Mall Like No Other

Lower Manhattan is being revived with an exciting new mall that has come to the area, the Westfield World Trade Center. The world trade center mall is futuristic with a high tech look that is sure to amaze anyone. The Westfield World Trade Center is filled with premium shops displaying the latest fashion trends, and there is plenty of space in the mall to walk around.

The mall has been a long awaited center of attraction that is getting people comfortable with visiting lower Manhattan again. After all the Westfield World Trade Center is right next to the September 11th Memorial and in the shadow of the former Twin Towers.

The building structure cost $1.6 billion to develop and is right in the center of all of the travel action that occurs throughout New York City. The Westfield World Trade Center mall is a complementary piece that forms the Oculus, New York’s transportation nerve center.

More than 300,000 people pass through he now famed Oculus every day, and there are more which 100 shops that occupy the Westfield World Trade Center. Westfield is actually an Australian stock exchange listed shopping center developer that is known worldwide for creating very memorable shopping experiences with their shopping locations. The Westfield World Trade Center project is no different. Designers went to the trouble of creating a white on white visual experience that displays a peaceful and calm environment that people can easily become comfortable with. The Co-CEO of the company, Peter Lowy, is embracing the high tech look of the Westfield World Trade Center and is looking for tech friendly companies to occupy spaces within the mall.  Just take a look at Lowy’s promotion of tech adoption for brick & mortar in a video from 2013.

The architect of the Westfield World Trade Center project, Santiago Calatrava, designed the structure to certainly be unique and inviting. Some people claim that the structure mostly resembles an exposed rib cage, and this look gives people the opportunity to let their imaginations wonder in the calm serenity of the Oculus.

Although the Westfield World Trade Center is open for business now it is not fully occupied yet. There are still many retailers and shops looking to fill space within the mall, but construction delays have been a little bit of a setback. It is also reported that upon the structures completion in early 2017 more than 17,000,000 tourists and many international tourists will come out to take a look around and explore what the Westfield World Trade Center has to offer.


There’s More than Just Shopping at Aventura Mall

When you hear the word ‘mall’ you tend to think of shopping all day. The mall is not just for shopping anymore. Thanks to Jackie Soffer, who co-heads Turnberry Associates with her brother, you’ll find beautiful art at Turnberry for the Arts, a museum quality art collection inside Aventura Mall located in Miami, Florida.

The Aventura Mall boasts visitors who visit the mall is 28 million a year. Turnberry Associates owns the mall and promotes Turnberry for the Arts museum. According to information that Travel and Leisure magazine, the mall is the second most visited mall in America. The art collection is by both established and renowned international and Miami artists. At the time there are only 10 contemporary works of art placed throughout the mall. With such a range of mediums, including sculpture and installation, you’ll be glad to know that several works of art are commissioned just for the mall.

It was a theory of Jackie Soffer that the mall could become more on the order of a 21st century type of town center. With that thought in mind, she noted that people do spend their leisure time in the mall. That is one of the reasons for commissioning the art collections. She further stated that people who normally wouldn’t be exposed to beautiful art. There is a type of responsibility to use great art so as all consumers would have a chance to view the art that may not take time to visit a regular museum.

Turnberry for the Arts collection blends well into the environment of the mall. Allowing the Miami artist, Daniel Arsham to replicate the columns in the mall, which is known as Daniel Arsham’s Columns (2007). With amazing and surreal works of art consisting of not only drywall but of steel and wood. It appears as if its growing and eroding, simultaneously.

While browsing the mall you could visit the Friends With You’s, which is a media Rainbow Valley, which looks like a playground for children in the middle of the mall. Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III offers a beautiful art collaborative which is south Florida’s which was designed by contemporary artists that is their first indoor children’s playground.

The Aventura Mall doesn’t allow a limit to the amount of art that can be collected. Soffer stated that they don’t stress about finding art, as they are out in the market place and are exposed and find if it’s a piece that’s a good fit for the mall, they go for it. Malls aren’t just for shopping anymore.


Summer Finds to Add to Your (Virtual) Cart Right Now

With Memorial Day behind us, it’s full steam ahead to beach days, ice cream, and only easy, breezy fashion. That’s how the style world really knows it’s Summer. We say goodbye to structure and layers and welcome the season with bare legs, sandals and slip-ons, and a wardrobe of dresses and swimsuits. Like I said, we like to keep it easy.

So don’t be surprised that our 15 June must haves are as functional as they are fashionable. We’re into flatforms, rompers, minimal jewels, and living in our favorite dresses. You too? Just read on to start stocking up on what you’ll wear on repeat all season.

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