Going off to college can be an exciting time for children. They separate from home and learn independence, confidence, and how to care for themselves without the leash of living with their parents. This is a time for creating their own identity and making new friends while studying and working hard to position themselves for the future. This doesn’t mean there won’t be tearful calls home and statements that these young adults are missing everything they love and hold dear. This is the perfect time to send that care package to their dorm room so they can be reminded that those in their hometown still love and care for them. What kinds of things belong in a care package for your college daughter? Read below and find out!

Definitely include some pictures of home. These can be of parents, siblings, pets, friends, or all of the above. This will help to remind those college students of the faces they can look forward to seeing back at home while also triggering some of the best memories from their childhood. This is always a solid idea to include in a care package because these are permanent items that will end up on the dorm room wall.

Makeup products are a must. Being a girl is very expensive. Go raid your child’s bathroom and see what the most common bottles are. Go to the store, buy these, and include them in the package. Your daughter will be very grateful to save not only their wallet but also their appearance. Looks matter even more in college than they did in high school.

While packing cosmetics, consider products like Undercover Colors nail polish stickers that can detect major date rape drugs when submerged in a drink. Parties and bars play a major role in the college scene. Unfortunately, date rape is still prevalent in college communities. When used correctly, products like Undercover Colors will help protect your daughter from falling victim.

Always include some spending money as well. This is what’s going to trigger that thank you note or phone call home that you hope you’ve trained your little one to remember. Furthermore, college students are stereotyped as being strapped for cash. This is because studying full time and working to make money are basically mutually exclusive. If you want to bring a smile and sigh of relief to that daughter’s face, make sure you include this!

Finally, always add some food to your care package. If you can wrap that dessert in some foil so they arrive at the dorm room still fresh is even better. This will also instantly make your daughter the most popular person in the hall, provided she shares them with her roommates! Don’t be afraid to help your daughter make friends!