Feel Good Brands to Shop From

A luxury fashion brand created by Abeer Al Otaiba, who you may recognize as the wife of United Arab Emirates Ambassador, Yousef Al Otaiba. SemSem is a “collection with a conscience” and supports charitable organizations dedicated to female empowerment and educating women and their daughters about philanthropy.


Helpful Tips for Working with Executive Recruiters

A professional like Nels Olson can help reduce the level of stress associated with job hunting. Executive recruiters are specialized headhunters working for search and staffing businesses and are professionals in the job search process. An executive recruiter can assist you to get your next job while providing you valuable career advice in the course of your journey. For you to get best results, here are the guidelines for working with executive recruiters.


Out of Holiday Gift Ideas for Mom? We’ve Got You Covered

Continuing along the health and wellness spectrum, this essential oils set by Mannatech includes a lavender, lemon, peppermint, and eucalyptus essential oils, plus a sweet almond carrier oil and Mannatech 100 Percent Essential Oils brochure. Essential oils have been praised for thousands of years for their positive benefits and soothing fragrances, and are a great gift that is sure to help your mother relax this season.