There is a sense of satisfaction knowing that a brand you love and shop at makes a point to give back in one way or another. Rather than simply selling their products, they are going the extra step to help those in need. As a consumer, it is nice to know that you are contributing to a specific brand’s philanthropic efforts whenever you purchase one of their products. Below are some of our favorite brands that are making a difference in the world:

SemSem is a luxury fashion brand created by Abeer Al Otaiba, who you may recognize as the wife of United Arab Emirates Ambassador, Yousef Al Otaiba. SemSem is a “collection with a conscience” and supports charitable organizations dedicated to female empowerment and educating women and their daughters about philanthropy. Every woman and girl around the world deserves to have an advocate, and SemSem is making a significant contribution to help in doing so.

Warby Parker
Warby Parker offers both eye and sunglasses with prescription lenses included at very reasonable prices. In addition to providing customers with the newest and trendiest frames, they make it easy and fast with convenient store fronts and online ordering. Warby Parker’s low prices aren’t the only aspect that has brought the brand serious attention over the last few years; they partner with non-profits to get a pair of glasses to someone in need whenever a pair of Warby Parker glasses is sold.

Satya Jewelry
Satya Jewelry’s founder, Satya Scainetti developed the brand with a focus around giving back to the communities across the world. Through its own foundation, the Satya Foundation, Satya Jewelry donates to children charities around the globe. Some of the organizations that the Satya Foundation partners with include Ramana’s Garden, the Manjushree Orphanage and Bent on Learning.