In this day and age, it seems that people everywhere are searching for a fountain of youth. They want to appear vibrant, sexy and above all, youthful. Although science still has a long way to go in this department, luckily there are other ways to retain a nice vitality. Skin care products have long been established as the way to go in this regard, and with the technicians at Mannatech leading the way, it should be no challenge to continue it.

Recently, they began marketing a new skin care Gel Mask for their client base in Japan. This new technology is designed to give the skin more elasticity, a more useful appearance, and to be smoother in texture. The gel mask is designed to be an accessory to Mannatech’s highly successful Uth Rejuvenation Creme. The chemists at Mannatech have worked overtime to develop the gel mask, endowing it with CO2 gas that clings to the skin and helps hide any signs of aging.

This highly scientific gel mask can first of all be applied to the face or can also be applied to the neck. The mask opens up the pores, working on the cells to provide healthy looking skin that diminishes wrinkles. The product is also useful in restoring circulation and hydrating skin cells. The demand for products such as this one continue to grow in the Japanese culture. The nice, youthful vitality of Japanese men and women will continue with Mannatech.

Regional Mannatech President Patrick Park continues his marketing strategy with the new product, saying, “We are excited to offer this new skin care technology to now include the Mannatech Gel Mask in Japan.” This product will be yet another state-of-the-art product that they can boast of in their even expanding professional product line.

Mannatech has developed a long track record of developing only the highest quality weight, fitness, health and beauty products for a number of different areas throughout the world. They are recognized as one of the world’s leaders in innovative health and beauty products. With this new product, they will continue their popularity in Japan and develop an even more loyal following there.