There is a lot more to fashion than just creating good looking outfits. Anyone who takes the time to explore the world of fashion will find that the outfits could serve even deeper purposes. For example, there’s SemSem, an online fashion retailer founded by Abeer Al Otaiba, who is married to Yousef Al Otaiba, the United Arab Emirates Ambassador to the United States. Abeer is a fashionista as well as a mother. Before getting into fashion, she has earned a degree in civil engineering. While some may find this to be an odd switch, Abeer proves that engineering and fashion can work well together. For one thing, Abeer’s attention to detail, quality and functionality goes a long way towards making high quality clothing.

Abeer has named her company, SemSem, after her daughter, Samia. Given the amount of love that goes into running the company, Abeer is inspired to come with some very elegant designs. This results in clothing that are not only beautiful, but also comfortable. Compared to other fashion companies that are too focused on trends, SemSem’s clothes are designed with a purpose. A lot of thought is put into the clothes that are made and sold to the public.

The main reason for starting her company is her love for her daughter. She loves being able to coordinate with her daughter without being too matched. This has inspired her to go into fashion herself and build SemSem as a symbol of the higher calling of love she has taken on in her transition to motherhood. Abeer wants to teach her daughters the value of living as kind, beautiful and graceful people. She has also established SemSem for other mothers and daughters.

As part of teaching kindness and grace, Abeer involves herself on a mission of giving to women and children all throughout the world. She has a passion for contributing to the well-being of women and children throughout the world. She gives to charities that promote women empowerment, and encourage giving as well.

Abeer’s belief is that true beauty is on the inside, and is brought out through the actions of the individual. If the actions are uplifting, then true beauty is realized. One of the best ways to realize beauty is through giving. Purchase of clothing from SemSem enables Abeer to give to women and children throughout the world.