Slow Food Day takes place in Camana Bay each year and is definitely an event you don’t want to miss! This year, Slow Food Day took place on April 8th, 2017 and was truly an event for everyone who enjoys good food. There were chefs on site from some of Grand Cayman’s best restaurants to demonstrate cooking techniques using locally grown produce. As a family-friendly event, there were also some fun activities for the kids.

Kids from ages 8 through 12 years were able to sign up for the Food Revolution Kids’ Seed2Plate Workshop. This fun event lasted from 12:30 to 2:00 PM and gave children the opportunity to try their hand at planting seeds as well as learn how to cook with the ingredients that will grow from those seeds. This offered a great lesson in how important it is to eat locally when possible.

The Farmers Market allowed guests to taste various dishes created by some of Grand Cayman restaurants’ chefs and also provided ample opportunity for visitors to buy fresh produce to create their own meals at home. Many of the stalls at the market included demonstrations on the different ways to use the ingredients.

The Harvest Dinner ended the night with a meal prepared by local professional chef O’Hara in collaboration with Clare Smith, one of the UK’s best-known chefs. Both of these chefs have used their own restaurants to promote the idea of the farm-to-table cooking style, working closely with local producers and farmers to make dishes with the freshest ingredients available. The Harvest Dinner took place at the restaurant of Chef O’Hara, Abacus. Guests who attended the dinner experienced Cayman wine and multi-course dinner that highlighted the ingredients sourced from the Islands.

Slow Food Day was created to allow people to slow down and think about where their food comes from. This annual event continues to be a fun opportunity for visitors to Grand Cayman, as well as locals, to see some of the inventive ways chefs are able to incorporate the ingredients that are readily available in the area. It also provides an excellent teaching moment for children to learn about cooking with produce that they can easily grow on their own.