The following are the top four reasons why most people use executive recruiters.

Reduce competition: Whenever a job opening comes up for an executive level job, the fact is, there is going to be a lot of competition. The trick here is to get ahead of the pack by getting someone to represent the candidate. An executive recruiter will get noticed faster. At that point in time, all they have to do is let them know why their candidate is the best proposition for the company. This increases the chance of getting an interview.

Insider Information: This is perhaps one of the biggest advantages of going through Tierney Remick and other executive recruiters. Since they are professional recruiters they will have their ears to the ground finding out relevant, useful information regarding what companies are looking for in a potential employee. They are able to do this because they stay in touch with managers, HR personnel as well as other employees to find out what is going on. Hence recruiters will be able to pair an applicant with the job that best suits them, based on their qualifications. Armed with all of this information the applicant will have a much clearer picture of the culture of the company and what to expect when doing the interview.

Non-Advertised Jobs: The fact is, not all companies post all of their available jobs for public viewing. They pretty much only go through a recruiting firm when an executive level job comes up. A high-level executive recruiting company such as Lucas Group will get the first pick on available job postings. They will stay in contact with prestigious companies and find out who is hiring and when they intend to hire.

Help with Preparation: It doesn’t matter how qualified a person is they will need proper preparation for that all-important job interview. After all, they are entering a new company with a new set of culture and environment. A recruiting company such as JDG Associates, based in Washington DC, Will be able to identify potential job opportunities and groom the candidate for an interview. Applicants will have access to a personal recruiter who will walk them through the necessary steps to successfully complete the interview. This may involve role-playing where the recruiter and applicant will do a fake interview. Learning how to say the right thing at the right time is worth its weight in gold. This is also an excellent time to work on demeanor and body language.